Summer Tent Issues



Every year around this time we receive hundreds of calls pertaining to issues with tents and the hot weather.  Nobody wants to hang out in a humid, musky tent.  Also, with the increase of humidity insects such as mosquitos can become an issue.  Fear not.  Here at Skin Ur Site, there is not a tent issue we haven’t seen and we know how to handle all of them.

Is your tent space humid and muggy?  Are your guests sweating profusely?  If you answered yes to either of these questions, do not fret.  We offer a full line of solutions to increase the air quality and comfort level in your tent, no matter how big or small.  Often, a simple dehumidifier strategically placed will take care of the humidity issue.  Our dehumidifiers are energy efficient, small, and do a great job.  Call us today and tell us how big your tent space is and we can recommend an appropriate unit.

In extreme heat conditions, sometimes an industrial air conditioner is the only solution to keep your guests comfortable in your tent.  These air conditioning units are electrical and utilize a venting system that involves plastic tubing that can be run to the outside area of your tent.  They are extremely efficient and provide an amazing amount of cold air.  Nobody wants to sweat at the big party and our air conditioning units assure that they won’t.  Call us today and we can select an appropriate unit for your tent.

Lastly, insects can be a problem this time a year in any size tent.  We are partnered with St. Louis Pest Co. to provide pest control solutions for your tenting situation.  Spiders love to set up shop in the upper portions of your tent and a simple application of insect spray can take care of any spider situation.  Also, our pest control chemicals are great for keeping mosquitoes and other pesky insects away from your party.  Call us today and we’ll have someone over to your place to spray your tent.  Our pest control prices can not be beat!

Graduation Season: Skin Ur Graduation

Congratulations to all of the eighth graders, high school seniors, and degree wielding college grads!  That’s right…it’s graduation season and we are sure you are in the midst of planning your loved one’s graduation party.  Make it a party to remember and rent a tent from Skin Ur Site temporary sheltering solutions.  Graduation is a special day for all students and it should be a day to enjoy and remember for a lifetime.

We offer a full line of tents and sheltering products.  Whether you are planning a party for ten people or a thousand, we can find a tent that will suit your needs and make your graduation party one that the graduate will remember for a long time.  Our sheltering solution experts are standing by to take your call and get you one the road to a quality product from Skin Ur Site.  Here’s a few pictures of our tents in action at some recent graduation parties:

graduation-party graduation-party-rentals-mi-2 personal-parties-gallery1

As you can see we have many different styles of tents and can even make recommendations for reputable caterers and designers in the area to make your tent stand out.  These students work super hard to get to this point and they deserve to have a special day to remember.  Our tents are a great way to get everyone under one roof for the special occasion.  And needless to say, the weather can be pretty unpredictable this time of year and our tents are a great way to get out of the weather and stay dry.

Please call us today to inquire about our rental rates and what products we have available.  This is our busiest time of year, so do not hesitate to call ahead of time and get your tent reserved.  We offer free on site estimates.  Our prices cannot be beat and we are the most reliable temporary sheltering solution providers in the Norman, OK area. Let us Skin Ur Site!


30th Anniversary Celebration



Here at Skin UR Site we are proud of our history.  We have been serving the Midwest with the best in sheltering solutions for over 30 years.  And to show our appreciation to all of our wonderful customers, we will be throwing a Anniversary Bash at our Norman, Oklahoma location.  This will truly be a party for the ages.

Bring the entire family.  There will be pony rides and a petting zoo…underneath one of our beautiful temporary shelters.  We will also have a snow cone booth and funnel cakes to keep the kids happy.  Don’t have any kids, come on up!  We will have live music all day and night.  The beer tent will also be cranking out all of your favorite adult beverages.  The band Jake’s Leg will wrap up the festivities on Saturday night at 8pm with a three set performance.

We will also be having a month long sale on all of our temporary sheltering products.  Our showroom will be open and one of our salesman will gladly show you around and try to find a sheltering solution for you and your event.  New customers will enjoy a 20% discount on all temporary sheltering rental fees.  Returning customers can also get in on the savings with a 15% discount.  Everyone is a winner at our 30th anniversary festival.

No need to make reservations or buy tickets in advance.  There will be plenty of food, beverages, and fun for everyone.  Doors will open at 11am and the music starts at noon.  We look forward to seeing you May 27th at our Norman, Oklahoma location.  See you at the Party!